Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Challenge Me To Make Your Favorite Recipe Gluten Free!

Discovering and trying out new gluten free recipes may be one of my favorite pastimes right now... however, creating my own recipes from scratch takes more time and patience than I generally have at the end of a long day taking care of my kids and dad. Like I've mentioned before, as a chef, I am still very much a "work in progress".

For this reason, it often works best when I find an outstanding recipe for "normal", traditional food and experiment until I find a way to make it celiac friendly.

So I've been wondering - does anyone have a fantastic family recipe that I could try to adapt into something equally delicious and gluten free? It is always fun to figure out how to substitute different flours, thickeners and spices to make a timeless classic into a modern post-gluten classic!

If so, please email them to me (either privately or through this blog). You can also post them as a comment, if you'd like to share them with all readers.

I will then get started trying to re-invent them! I'll post my progress online and make sure to give you full credit for your original recipes... taking lots of pictures along the way! Thank you so much for your submissions!

Let the creative cooking begin.

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