Friday, June 26, 2009

This Deliciousness Was Created
Gluten Free...

Hi there! Well, after 34 very challenging weeks we welcomed our gluten free baby into the world. While the pregnancy itself was quite difficult thanks to a placenta previa and other unexpected perinatal concerns, I firmly believe that my gluten free diet played a major role in her exquisite health when born 6 weeks early via c-section. There is no question in my mind that she would have gone full term if left to her own devices... but when the doctors saw that her umbilical cord was wrapped four times around her neck (yes, 4x!) they recommended immediate c-section to prevent decelerations or a cord compression.

So there you have it... 6 months on a modified pregnancy rest followed by eight days in the hospital and two weeks visiting a baby in the NICU, these are my main reasons for having been a HUGE SLACKER in the gluten free blogging department.

I am still ardent about a gluten free lifestyle however and intend to begin cooking and blogging again as soon as I've figured out how to juggle running a household and taking care of three tiny children simultaneously.

Here were some of the greatest benefits of my gluten free pregnancy:

  • I had more energy and patience than in the prior 2 pregnancies.

  • Gained only weight necessary to maintain a healthy pregnancy and placenta, despite eating all the time...

  • My baby was born completely healthy at 34 weeks and able to breathe on her own outside of the womb. Her only risk factor is prematurity, and other than that she is considered to be a medical miracle by her perinatologists.

  • I'm having a "textbook recovery" so far from the c-section.

  • I was able to share lots of information with my doctors and nurses at the hospital about the health benefits I've experienced living gluten free. Many of the people I chatted with seemed really interested!

Looking forward to sharing more gluten free cuisine soon... well, as soon as we've slept more than 2 hours at a time!